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Parenting Support

Have you read up about peaceful, unconditional, mindful, conscious parenting but still find yourself snapping at your kids more than you like? We help you get clarity about what happens in those moments and teach you the tools to create more harmony and cooperation in your family.

Relationship Coaching

You want to feel more connected as intimate partners but are unsure how to get more closeness without losing yourselves in the relationship? Or do you struggle with recurring conflicts, when all you wish for is that everybody involved gets heard and understood? We're here to help!

NVC Training

Do you want to learn how to move through conflicts more gracefully? How to stand up for yourself without losing connection? Learn the principles that contribute to a safer social environment in your family, classroom, workplace or institution? Our trainings help build lasting skills.

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Jort Bijleveld

Trainer, coach, mediator

A great listener with a big heart, Jort is passionate about bringing people together, working with what is alive in the moment, staying with authenticity. He especially loves working with couples, creating a connection that they can be themselves in.

Astara Lieuw-On

Astara Lieuw-On

Trainer, coach, mediator

Dedicated to live her deepest values in her family life, she has developed a trauma sensitive approach to NVC. Her mission at Zayma is to support parents that want to give their kids the childhood they had secretly wished for themselves.

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What our clients have to say about us
Chantal Jongenotter

Chantal Jongenotter


"I attended the basic Parenting with Compassion course at Zayma because I felt that I was screaming at my children too much and really wanted to change that. The course has brought a lot of positive change. I am even more aware that there is a need behind every behaviour that my children display. Often screaming or losing it is the result of unresolved feelings from the past when needs were unmet. This was a huge eye-opener for me. I also learned the difference between sympathy and empathy and I learned to give empathy by giving space and attention while actively listening to the other person. I also received empathy for a personal situation and noticed how healing that was. I highly recommend this course for everyone!"

Laura & Johannes

Laura & Johannes

Independent Artists

"We have tried everything together for 15 years and this is the first time I finally feel we are starting to understand or really listening to what we are feeling. It is really so beautiful to see the effect it has, the sessions. Today before the session he was so stressed and after he was in such a good mood. Thank you so immensely is so beautiful to see how empathic and sweet you can be to us, thank you for doing this amazing work. I also believe in energy, how you can hold space for us and have your intention of us being ok. Also last session I felt how it works, as you hold the space for us Johannes specially feels so safe to express and to heal, beautiful, I had a really good feeling as soon as I saw the work that Astara and you were doing and now I know why."

Amber Leimena-van Veen

Amber Leimena-van Veen

Life Coach

"The workshops with Astara and Jort continue to deepen my emotional intelligence. Jort his strong point is in working with the group energy and giving words to the individual needs of the participants. Even when judgments arise, you manage to stay in connection because he protects the integrity of everybody in the room. Astara is especially adept at uncovering the true intentions behind your behaviors and then helping you to express the true feelings and needs behind those. Besides that, both trainers are deeply embodying empathic listening. That is why I think you will only truly start to understand the theory of Nonviolent Communication by spending a day with them. I am grateful to continue to learn from them!"


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