Nonviolent Communication on Dutch national television!

On 18 januari 2015, in the series ‘Dus ik ben’ (Therefore I am) a show centered on a conflict Stine is having with her neighbours. Yoram Mosenzon helps her find out why her neighbours irritate her so much and to find compassion for them.

Ik & mijn conflicten (Me and my conflicts)

To what extent do enemy images form our identity? Can and must all conflicts be resolved? Stine travels to Israel and visits an Israeli friend in Jeruzalem who shows her how the Palestinian-Israeli conflict impacts his daily reality. And she meets Yoram Mosenzon, a trainer in Nonviolent Communication. Yoram learned this technique from the American Marshall Rosenberg and has dedicated his life to solving conflict around the world. But does it work in real life? Or would you be better off in Israel learning Krav Maga, a martial art?

The show introduces  Nonviolent Communication in a simpel, clear way as a means of bringing more peace into your relationships. Even though the final conclusion of the program seems to be that the road to world peace is too far to state that it can be reached with just NVC, the show also give me hope. And I feel proud watching it as it feature the trainer that I am currently learning NVC with myself.

You can view the show online on Programma Gemist.