We use a number of definitions in our Privacy Policy (these definitions can be used singular and plural):

Zayma Training & Coaching: the company as registered at the Chamber of Commerce (53663128), and known to the tax authorities (NL127390741B01) including all natural persons who perform work for Zayma Training & Coaching (eg. an assistant). For readability, Zayma Training & Coaching is appointed with ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’.

Client: the natural person or legal person (eg. an employer) who issues an assignment to Zayma Training & Coaching. For readability, the client is addressed with ‘you’ and ‘your’.

Participant: the natural person who participates in a session, practice group, workshop, course, etc. who did not issue the assignment him/herself (eg. an employee).

Session: all services scheduled by appointment, such as coaching, 1-on-1 counseling, private empathy session or mediation.

Group activity: workshops and training courses.

Workshop: all services for which several participants can register that takes one day or less, such as introduction workshops and practice groups.

Training courses: all services for which several participants can register that last longer than one day, such as the weekend training sessions, and monthly training sessions with open registration.


These general terms and conditions apply to every agreement between Zayma Training & Coaching and the Client and / or Participant.


All our services are effort commitments. The service is aimed at increasing connection, compassion and insight. This means that we can not guarantee a concrete strategy will be found to fulfill your needs.


You must provide us with all information necessary for the proper execution of the assignment. For example, medication use and previous (psychological / mental health) treatments and / or diagnoses.


We assume that you are able to take care of yourself, your mental health and your needs. In case of serious psychological problems we advise you to first consult a doctor or psychologist. At all times, you are responsible for the choices you make, your own behavior and the consequences of this, both during the service and the period thereafter.

We are never liable for direct damage or indirect damage, emotional damage or damage resulting from decisions you have made, such as damage to other participants. If you do damage possessions or property of us, the third parties we work with that provide locations or materials, or to other participants, we can recover this damage from you.


In case of late or incomplete payment of the payment by the Client or Participant, Zayma Training & Coaching reserves the right to refuse participation to a Session or Group Activity as well as deny or withdraw access to any of our digital learning platforms / online trainings.

In case we suspect that the knowledge level of the Participant is insufficient to follow a certain training, Zayma Training & Coaching reserves the right to refuse participation / deny access to a Session or Group Activity for safety and other reasons.

If a Participant disrupts the running of a Group Activity in such a way that other participants, facilitators or the trainer are hindered by this, is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, or creates situations that pose danger to other persons during the Session or Group Activity, Zayma Training & Coaching reserves the right to refuse further participation. Permanent exclusion is necessary if the Participant, after being properly warned about disruptions, persists in the disturbing behavior.


During a session: everything that is discussed during a session is treated confidentially.

During group activity: when you participate in group activity, you must treat all information confidentially.

If you want to share or discuss confidential information, first request permission from the person(s) concerned.

Dealing with confidential information: confidential information is never shared with third parties, unless you have explicitly given permission.

If a session or group activity is used (eg. for explanation or professional development), your privacy is protected by omitting or changing all confidential information.

Contact details: Zayma Training & Coaching stores your contact details for administration, for example for sending an invoice.

Measured information: we use Google Analytics, ActiveCampaign, Jetpack for WordPress and a Facebook Pixel to measure how the newsletter is read and the website is visited.


Live courses: guidance during the hours we are together. Practical guidance via email in between is included. For in depth-issues outside of the course hours you will be referred to a private session.

Online Programs: Guidance during the live meetings included in the course program.
Guidance by answering your questions in the FB group at least every other working day.

Online Workshops: Guidance during a private session for one hour. Guidance by answering your questions in the FB group at least every other working day.


Payment is done before a session, workshop or course. With this payment, your place is assured in the session or group activity.

You can pay in 3 terms within 3 months.

You will receive an invoice when asked.

If for whatever reason a payment is delayed, the costs of collection will be charged to the Client.


If there is no availability to participate in a workshop or course at the time of registration, you can send us an email to be added to the waiting list. As soon as a spot has opened up, the first person on the waiting list is approached via email. If you do not answer in time, the spot will be offered to the next person on the list.


You can cancel via email. If you forget to cancel or if you do not show up, the payment will be charged.

If the cancellation is too last notice, you also pay (a part of) the contribution to protect the continuation of group activities for the other participants and the financial sustainability of Zayma Training & Coaching.

For online trainings, you will get immediate access to all the learning materials and cancellation is not possible.

Activity Cancellation You pay
Session within 24 hours before start 100%
within 3 days before start 50%
Live Workshop within 3 days before start 100%
within 1 week before start 50%
Live Training within 1 week before start 100%
within 2 weeks before start 50%
Live Training within 1 week before start 100%
within 2 weeks before start 50%
Online Programs no cancellation / non refundable 100%
Online Workshops no cancellation / non refundable 100%

There is a money back garantuee of 14 days after purchase.

When we cancel an activity for any reason (for example due to too few participants), any money transferred by you will be refunded to your account. We will notify you as soon as possible via telephone or email.


Copyright of all materials are with the author, Zayma Training & Coaching, Astara Lieuw-On. Ownership of course materials is with Zayma Training & Coaching.


We have the right to change the dates and / or times of group activities after your registration. If the new dates or times are not possible for you, all payed fees will be refunded into your bank account.

When an activity has to be interrupted after the start, we will do our best to let the activity continue as intended. If that fails, the amount you have transferred will be (partly) paid back.


If you are not satisfied with one of our services, you must report this within 14 (fourteen) days via email to info@zayma.com.

One of our trainers or Astara Lieuw-On, owner and founder of Zayma Training & Coaching, will reply within 14 (fourteen) days. Using Nonviolent Communication, we will identify the needs of all the parties involved and we will look for a mutually satisfying solution.

If we can not figure it out together, we will invite a mediator to resolve the conflict as an independent intermediary. The mediator we will invite is Marianne van Dijk (Cup of Empathy).

Complaints will always be treated confidentially.


Third parties can not derive any rights from the services of Zayma Training & Coaching.

Any new sessions, training courses or workshops which are added to the current offerings shall also be subject to the Terms and Conditions. You can review the most current version of the Terms and Conditions at any time on this page. We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of these Terms and Conditions by posting updates and/or changes to our website. It is your responsibility to check this page periodically for changes. Your continued use of or access to the website following the posting of any changes constitutes acceptance of those changes.